10 Gut-Healing Foods That Cost Less Than $1 A Serving

We talk about a lot about gut healing here at mindbodygreen, and while more expensive supplements and foods can definitely be part of the process, they’re not necessary to it. In the spirit of our you. we. all. philosophy we challenged top registered dietitian and founder of Tovita Nutrition Leah Silberman to find ten gut-healing foods that cost less than $1 a serving. Here’s what she said:

“These guys are excellent sources of fiber, protein, and B vitamins, which are all important for proper gut health!,” said Silberman. “Yes, eating too many beans in one sitting can cause gassiness for some people (this is due to their high-fiber content), so be sure to begin with just one serving. Research also shows that the more frequently beans and legumes are consumed, the better your gut will tolerate them. The average can of beans costs between 99 cents and $2 and contains about 3 servings.” We love Eden Organic since they’re pressure cooked to lower lectin content.

“You may have heard a thing or two about kimchi by now, and that’s because it’s a probiotic powerhouse!” explained Silberman. “Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish made from fermented veggies—usually cabbage. It’s a great source of probiotics, aka the good bacteria that reside in our guts.” Mama O’s premium Vegan Kimchi costs $7.99 per jar and contains 8 servings, making it just 99 cents a serving!

Bet you don’t think of oysters when you think of gut health! “It comes as a surprise to many, but oysters are a good source of many vitamins and minerals, namely iron, selenium, and zinc,” explained Silberman. “Zinc is an especially important mineral for wound healing, as it expedites the process by promoting quicker cell turnover (aka, when we need to make new cells to heal a wound).” Be sure to catch the $1 oyster special at your local seafood joint.

According to Silberman, “these guys are good sources of prebiotic fiber, which provide a food…

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