23 Homemade Pancake Recipes Your Kids Will Love

There are so many recipes for healthy homemade pancakes, but these 23 are kids favorites!

Even on busy mornings, you don’t have to turn to cereal. We love pancakes for breakfast, because like muffins, you can make them ahead of time, and eat all week. We love to make pancakes healthier by adding mix ins like fruit, nuts, or seeds for extra fiber and nutrients. This is our best list of kid friendly pancakes. Not only will kids love them, but they are packed with healthy nutritiously rich ingredients! These are the winning top picks of the best recipes for homemade pancakes!

homemade pancake recipes 1-6
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these six pancake recipes are healthy and homemade

These pancakes pack 17 grams of protein per serving because they are made with cottage cheese and eggs.

Having a good pancake mix recipe can be cheaper than buying a mix from the grocery store. Always have it on hand, and add water for a simple solution with less cleanup.

We made these pancakes irresistible to kids by stacking them with cream and berries! Plus, the banana cooked in makes them extra tasty.

Chia seeds are a great source of healthy fat that boosts what is typically a carb heavy meal to something more macro balanced.

Two reasons I like this one.. first, no slaving over a griddle! It all goes in on a cookie sheet. And second, it has carrots and zucchini, but it’s still sweet like a pancake!

If you have leftover smoothies in the morning, these smoothie pancakes are a place you can mix in what your kids…

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