5 Ways To Make Your Favorite Recipes A Little Healthier

Alex Lau

We’re as excited about fermented honey and lucuma powder as the next guy, but sometimes, we just want our good, old-fashioned favorite Bon Appétit recipes. Except… we can’t help but tweak them just a little bit, whether it’s tossing some flax seeds into pancakes or amping up the veg quotient on a pizza. So, we sent a cyber holler through the office: “How do you make your fave BA recipes a little bit healthier?” Here are a few ideas.

Alex Lau

Assistant web editor Alex Delany likes nothing more than cured meats sandwiched between crusty bread. So when making some healthyish substitutes to his favorite recipes, his litmus test is: “Does it taste like real food?” For an easy dinner move, Delany makes this Chicken Salad Toast, sans toast and mayo. Instead, he uses full-fat Greek yogurt as a tangy base and serves it on a bed of kale. The odd potato chip won’t kill you, but Delany recommends very thinly sliced fennel as “a good, crunchy alternative.”

Gentl & Hyers

“It’s almost embarrassing how much I eat this Ground Chicken Larb,” says senior web editor Alex Beggs. Hard to say if she really means it; Beggs was probably hallucinating on her tenth cup of…

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