Bovine Colostrum 101: The Gut-Healing Supplement That Should Be On Your Radar

Many moms are familiar with colostrum: the first form of milk produced from the mammary glands during the end of pregnancy and the first few days postpartum.

It’s amazing just how powerful our bodies are. Even though colostrum is produced in small amounts, it is extremely high in important nutrients making it easy for newborns to digest. Everything in colostrum helps the baby thrive in their first few days of life. No wonder it’s often referred to as nature’s “first food.”

While it is biologically necessary for newborns, there is a lot of developing research on how colostrum and its vital nutrients can be beneficial throughout your entire life. No, I am not saying you need to go out and buy breast milk online. (Yes, that’s a thing!) These days, supplements are usually derived from bovine colostrum: colostrum from cows. Although bovine colostrum is slightly lower in nutrients than human colostrum, it still contains growth factors, immunoglobulin antibodies (IgA), and lactoferrin that support optimal health.

Even though it may be a seemingly new concept for us today, adults have used bovine colostrum for thousands of years, particularly in the field of ayurvedic medicine. And after all, in reality bovine colostrum is just a more nutrient-dense version of what we have been encouraged to drink for years—you know, to achieve strong bones and all that.

But if this still sounds a little bit too far out there for you, let’s nerd out a bit and look at all the fun research on the benefits of bovine colostrum, all of which I have seen firsthand in my functional medicine clinic. Maybe I’ll even convince you to add this supplement to your wellness routine.

The lactoferrin in bovine colostrum is an uber-powerful inflammation moderator. In fact, lactoferrin levels in our bodies rise during times of increased inflammation and can help bring down…

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