Dairy-Free Breakfast Drinks To Replace Your Morning Coffee

Ditching coffee can have many positive effects, including improved sleep quality and reduced anxiety. The issue with coffee for many is that it’s such an ingrained part of the day, making it extremely difficult to break the habit—unless you replace that habit with something else. So if you’re looking to cut back on coffee, don’t deprive yourself of your morning ritual; find a replacement drink that will fill the gap with new flavors and health benefits.

For many, getting their caffeine fix goes hand-in-hand with dairy milk. When you decide to make a break from your morning coffee, you can also open up to a bunch of new and delicious plant-based and dairy-free drinks that will have you starting the day on a high note.

The keys to making an a.m. drink that competes with coffee:

  • Find an energy-boosting ingredient like teas (try matcha or black tea), cacao, and adaptogens (cordyceps, reishi, and lion’s mane mushrooms are all great places to start).
  • Find a good-quality plant-based beverage to replace the dairy component. Made with ingredients like organic oats, coconut, and fair trade cashews, these dairy alternatives can actually enhance the flavor of your drink while packing in some extra nutrients.
  • Take time to enjoy it. Make your new habit special by taking just 5 minutes to sit quietly with your drink and sip slowly.

We have three different plant-based drinks made with Pacific Foods’ dairy-free beverages for you to try out on your coffee-free journey. Experiment with these ingredients to…

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