Europe’s Biggest Natural Food Show Returns to London ExCeL on 22-23 April

Natural & Organic Products Europe previews its food and drink exhibitor show highlights for 2018

Nearly 400 exhibiting companies from 42 countries will be showcasing their latest food and drink innovations to thousands of trade buyers and retailers at The Natural Food Show later this month, when it returns to London ExCeL on 22-23 April.

Part of Natural & Organic Products Europe, the show is expected to welcome over 10,500 attendees – all looking to discover the best choice of natural and certified organic food and drink from around the world.

The following is just a taste of what they’ll see at the show, including a raft of new launches for 2018:

The Raw Chocolate Company is previewing new eco packaging (recyclable outer and compostable film) for its complete bar range. There’s also three new flavours to sample – Mint, Silky Coconut and Coffee Crunch. All bars are vegan, organic, soy free, dairy free, gluten free and refined sugar free (stand Q4, UK).

Matcha NOW is previewing its three new flavours, launching in the summer: Ginger&Turmeric, with organic extracts of turmeric, ginger and lemon; Peppermint, with organic extracts of peppermint and vanilla; and a CBD MatchaNOW, with 10mg water soluble CBD. Each no sugar drink holds 2.5g of organic, ceremonial grade matcha powder in the patented twist-cap (stand T33, UK).

Friendly Organic Foods is previewing new tropical fruit bars and dried fruit balls from Ecuador. The latest additions to its organic cacao product range, they’re available in various tropical combinations of banana, pineapple, mango, goldenberries and cacao (stand Z14, Ecuador).

SMILEAT, the 100% organic baby food brand, is previewing its new infant milk formula and baked fruit (both launching in July). Among its other new innovations are apple and spelt biscuits, muesli-like cereals, and Pear with Apple Organic – a 130g jar filled with fruits, which boasts a texture and a taste similar to homemade (stand X4, Spain).

Health Link, an organic producer of superfoods, smoothies, lattes, porridges and nutritional supplements, is previewing its new vegan latte drinks. Available in Acai Banana, Matcha, and Mango (60g packs), they contain no lactose, gluten, caffeine or preservatives (stand R28, Czech Republic).

Alara Wholefoods is going 100% organic. The rebrand, to be launched at this year’s Natural & Organic Products Europe, includes new look packaging that highlights their use of only natural and healthy ingredients. They are also pioneering a compostable film bag inside the already recyclable boxes. The revamped range will feature new gluten-free and vegan products alongside the brand’s staple best-sellers. The latest additions include Classic Apple Bircher Muesli; Swiss Style Muesli, with milk protein; and Everyday Muesli (stand N11, UK).

PlainTasty is launching its RYSP breads – artisan, hand produced, slow fermented, 100% Rye sourdough crisp breads. Available in Fennel, Chilli & Turmeric, Beetroot & Dill, and White Pepper & Sea Salt, they’re made with natural flavourings (just 5-6 ingredients per flavour); without wheat, dairy, baker’s yeast, added sugars or GMOs. The larger 180g pack size also helps to reduce packaging waste (stand V46, UK).

ZOOT is launching Zoot Vitamin – a new vitamin enriched range, which offers a revolutionary way to top up vitamin intake in a chocolate bar. Each 13.5g / 64 kcals bar is made with Zoot’s best-selling no-added-sugar Smooth Dark Chocolate. The four varieties include: Be Beautiful, with vitamins E and A, niacin and biotin; Sunshine Boost, with vitamins D, B6, B12 and folate; Anti-Stress, with vitamin B6, niacin, pantothenic acid, valerian and hop extract; and Refresh, with vitamin E and resVida trans-resveratrol (stand S6, UK).

Upton’s Naturals, the first company to launch pre-seasoned whole-food Jackfruit meat alternatives in the UK, US and Europe, is returning with two new flavours of Jackfruit: Sweet & Smoky and Chili Lime. They will also be introducing their newest line of vegan, shelf-stable Real Meal Kits (stand W31, USA).

Heywood Tea is making its European debut at the show. The Hong Kong brand, which specialises in organic functional tea, sources all its ingredients directly from sustainable farms in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Bulgaria. Its current range of caffeine free teas include: Bitter Melon & Green Tea; Rose & Wolfberry Tea; Red Dates, Angelica and Wolfberry Tea; Roselle & Red Date Tea; and new Chrysanthemum and Wolfberry Tea (stand W46, Hong Kong).

Aquamamma natural hydration water is making its European debut at the show. Developed by Australian obstetrician, Dr Robert Buist, it was created to provide women with a healthy way to stay hydrated during pregnancy and after giving birth. The waters are low in sugar and sodium and have added folic acid. Available in Lemon, Orange, Coconut and Mixed Berry, with BP-free bottles (stand E36, USA).

Bite Me Tonic is launching its Bite Me Immune Booster to Europe. Available in 240ml bottles, it’s made from an all-natural blend of Manuka honey, organic apple cider vinegar, ginger root, lime and lemon juice, turmeric and cayenne pepper (stand N43, New Zealand).

Britt’s Superfoods is launching Organic Boosters – powerful organic juice shots packed with nutritional benefits. Available in two flavours: Energy is a red-berry drink rich in B3, B6 and B12, with an added caffeine boost; and Health is a green booster, high in Magnesium and B6 vitamin (stand X45, UK).

Greedy Goat Ice Cream, the first UK ice cream company to package in 500ml recycled glass jars, is launching eight new flavours at the show. The range is 100% natural, egg free, gluten free, lactose friendly and suitable for vegetarians, and includes Billy Vanilly; The Goatfather – salted caramel; Nanny’s Rhubarb & Custard; Theresa’s Chocolate Orange; and Harry’s reMARKLEble Banana (stand W1, UK).

Gusto Organic is launching three new organic and Fairtrade carbonates in 275ml glass: A cherry cola packed with organic cherries, spices, essential oils, real cola nut and Fairtrade vanilla; a sparkling Sicilian blood orange; and a fiery ginger with chipotle. All are sweetened with Fairtrade agave (stand K2, UK).

Dr. Bronner’s is launching its very first food product into the UK market. This new Fairtrade and Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is fresh-pressed, unrefined and made with the whole kernel of the coconut to further increase its health benefits, as well as offering a nuttier flavour (stand C21, USA).

Healthy Food Brands is introducing Switchle Sparkling Organic Apple Cider Vinegar drinks. A new addition to the premium adult soft drinks market, they blend sparkling spring water with organic apple cider vinegar with mother, organic honey, fruit juices and botanicals. Flavours include Turmeric, Ginger and Peach; Matcha, Lime and Mint; and Rooibos, Raspberry and Pomegranate (stand Y40, UK).

KISSA Tea is launching a new Matcha Cranberry for Latte Mix, made with pure authentic Japanese Matcha. It’s quick and easy to prepare – especially as a cold drink. Also showcasing: original Japanese Matcha, green tea and tea powders (stand S10, Austria).

The Heart Of Nature is launching its new gluten free and organic gluten free pure grain bread at the show. High in fibre, protein and omega 3-fatty acids, it is baked without any flour or yeast, is main 14 allergens free, and packed with super seeds and grains. The six-strong range includes: Original Mix, Quinoa Seeds, Chia Seeds, Cranberries, Prunes, and Green Olives. Available in 450g or 275g packs, sliced or unsliced (stand W18, UK).

Greek Family Farm, the biggest producer of organic feta in Greece, is showcasing its organic feta PDO. Made exclusively from 100% organic sheep’s milk or a mixture of organic sheep’s and organic goat’s milk in Almyros, Thessaly, they control the entire production process from the field to the final product (stand R2, Greece).

Bluumers Honey is marking its show debut with the UK launch of its full range of Bulgarian honey – local, raw, artisan, and single-sourced. Single harvests reflect the terroir, the climate and the forage of the region, which gives the honey its unique taste. Variants include forest, field, acacia, coriander, lavender, oak, thistle, and linden honey (stand Z16, Bulgaria).

PROSVEGO is adding Wellness, an organic carob energy bar to its organic and vegan confectionary range. Handmade with a blend of high quality Peruvian cocoa butter, carob powder, ginger and cinnamon, it is gluten free, caffeine free and refined sugar free (stand W28, Latvia).

Sweet Revolution is launching two new organic and vegan instant lattes: a Chicory Latte enhanced with Lion’s Mane and a Beetroot Latte with a hint of ginger. Both are free from dairy, gluten and caffeine. Using a base of coconut milk powder, they’re quick and easy to make by simply adding…

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