Make These Grain-Free Blueberry Streusel Muffins & Win Your Easter Brunch

Laurel Gallucci didn’t come to healthy baking by choice. Diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that forced her to change her diet and lifestyle, she found herself missing the cookies and cakes of her precondition years; out of this necessity, she began whipping up healthier, cleaner-ingredient versions of her past favorites. Fast-forward a few years, and Sweet Laurel Bakery has taken over LA with their whimsical, flower-topped cakes and shockingly fluffy, grain-free goodies. Now, in the Sweet Laurel cookbook, Gallucci (together with business partner Claire Thomas) is sharing the secrets of her delicious treats. The trick? Keeping things super-simple. “Our five core ingredients are almond flour, coconut oil, organic eggs, maple syrup, and Himalayan pink salt,” Laurel told mbg. “We don’t overcomplicate our recipes with fillers. Rather, these nutrient-dense ingredients give our baked goods structure, moisture, and full-on flavor.” Here, she shares a Blueberry Streusel Muffin recipe that will win any brunch you bring it to.

After the chocolate cake that launched our bakery, blueberry bread was the second baked good to emerge from our ovens. There’s just something so satisfying about blueberry-studded cake punctuated with flecks of lemon zest. For breakfast, we changed the bread into a muffin and added a crunchy and sweet streusel on top. With a cup of coffee, it makes for the perfect…

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