Of course kale vodka is now a thing

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During an appearance in Tampa, Florida, full-time Goop-er and occasional Stark Industries employee Gwyneth Paltrow shared some of the secrets to her aspirational lifestyle. “It’s all about moderation,” she enthusiastically told the crowd. “I love kale, but I also love vodka.” Well good news, Gwyneth, because now those two things are available in one small batch-produced bottle.

Kale-infused Ving Vodka is here, and it promises to be the cleanest, smoothest, organic, non-GMO, sugar-free, gluten-free vodka you’ve ever poured into a glass. If that seems like a lot of qualifiers, it’s by design: company founder Flo Vinger spent more than four years developing a high-quality vodka that also as pure as something that you’ll down in shot form could possibly be. “I couldn’t find a spirit I loved that was in line with my healthy lifestyle,” Vinger explains. “I really drink for flavor and wanted an elegant, delicious, clean cocktail with no mystery ingredients. After searching endlessly, I realized what I wanted didn’t exist: the drink or the brand. So I made my own.”

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