Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie Recipe

A nutritious smoothie recipe for kids should include fiber and protein

When I was a child, I remember trying my first milkshake. Not like the milkshakes of today, where it’s really a huge cup of ice cream, but the type of milkshake you could drink from a straw. It’s only been since the 90’s that a healthy version of the milkshake, smoothies, have gained popularity, especially among the 2-8 year old crowd! And it’s obvious why! Kids get the same sweet, delicious, and easy to consumer beverage, but with ingredients that parents can get behind!

nutritious peanut butter banana smoothie with fiber and protein
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Smoothie recipe with bananas and chocoalte

A healthy smoothie recipe has a balance of nutrients from whole foods, to get the most from your drink. We have shared in the past our ultimate smoothie building chart here, (How to make a green smoothie) because it has a variety of ingredients you could use in making a smoothie.

This time however, I want to share the TWO nutrients that are essential to making a smoothie healthy for kids!

Each smoothie recipe for kids should have FIBER

This smoothie recipe has bananas, but you could also add spinach, without affecting the flavor (or really even the color that much!). Unlike juicing, including fruits and veggies in their whole form keeps the fiber in tact….

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