The princess of pickle

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employees who work at the farm

At 22, and that too with a higher education from London, not many would want to muddy their hands in the faraway farms. But Delhi-based Niharika Bhargava seemed to be cut out for that; she decided to work against packaged products and empower underpriviledged rural women.An MSc degree in Marketing Strategy and Innovation from Cass Business School, London, gave Niharika the global exposure and practical knowledge. She set about with her three-fold approach—go organic, give employment to local women and revive traditional recipes.

In July 2016, Niharika launched her brand, The Little Farm Co, and started working in collaboration with farms in Paharapurwa village in Madhya Pradesh. The company registered sales of pickles worth around Rs 2 lakh in the first year. Today, the figures have reached `7-8 lakh—around 70-80 units sold daily.Her brother Aditya, who now works for a multinational company in Delhi, was also a part of the launch team. He occasionally helps her now.

So what exactly is happening at The Little Farm? “Our market survey indicated that most products, especially pickles available in the market today, are produced using mechanised processes and filled with preservatives to increase shelf life. Also they do not have the same taste as the home-made ones.

Therefore, our endeavour is to provide customers with pickles that are farm fresh, and preservative- and additive-free, and are made using ‘traditional recipes’. Combinations…

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