Turmeric tea v turmeric latte: which hip turmeric drink offers the most benefits?

Turmeric tea v turmeric latte (aka dirty golden, golden latte). Image: iStock
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Which tonic reigns supreme in the health stakes? 9Kitchen puts it to the experts.

You could say it’s been a bit of a golden period for wonder spice turmeric (get it?). The iridescent yellow spice that lends curries their distinct earthy flavour and bright hue seems to have only grown in popularity, along with health claims that it does everything from prevent disease to reduce inflammation.

As with any health craze worth its salt, it’s given birth to a myriad of trendy turmeric-laced products and fads, but it’s liquid offerings have hogged most of the limelight.

The turmeric latte, aka “golden latte” or “dirty golden”, was 2016’s “It” tonic by a mile, comprising either juiced or chopped turmeric root or turmeric powder, and typically teamed with variety of spices and trendy dairy-free milks.

Hot on its heels was the comparatively humbler turmeric tea—usually a blend of turmeric root with other teas and infusions, though some recipes do away with the pretence of being a “tea” altogether, combining turmeric and black pepper with honey and lemon.

9Kitchen caught up with leading dietitian and creator of the Shape Me program, Susie Burrell, to get her take on the trend and find out which drink…

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