Want To Try Keto For Weight Loss Or Healing? Here’s What A Day On The Diet ACTUALLY Looks Like

As a functional medicine dietitian nutritionist, I view food as one of the most powerful drugs that we have access to. When it comes to creating functionality and balance in the body, nutrition is often more effective than drugs. My day-to-day routine involves working with patients to understand this concept. This happens in a bunch of different settings—working with people one-on-one, teaching group classes, teaching a graduate-level functional nutrition class, or experimenting with recipes in my kitchen.

I regularly witness people completely transform their health through food. I have witnessed incredible results from working with people on adopting a ketogenic diet—everything from insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes to excessive levels of fatigue to excessive weight.

A question that I often get from patients is: “Do YOU eat this way?” My response is always…yes, I do something very similar because I, too, have been a patient in functional medicine, and I believe wholeheartedly in what I am recommending to you. Over the years I noticed that my body feels best eating higher fat and low-glycemic-index foods. This is why I chose to adopt a strict ketogenic diet for six weeks.

In the first two weeks, this entire experience was a big adjustment. In addition to eating more fat, I reintroduced organic, full-fat dairy foods into my diet because I don’t get any symptoms after eating dairy. I do want to mention that although I did my best to eat a very healthy version of keto, no one is ever 100 percent perfect! There were a few times that I ate grass-fed butter all by itself (because I was literally craving it) and saved a few vegetable carbs during the day for a glass of low-carb wine at night. I might be a dietitian, but I, too, am only human! I hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of my day-to-day ketogenic food intake!

The first thing that I do before checking my email or social media is meditate for 10 to 30 minutes (depending on my schedule). This is an essential part of my day because it helps me breathe freely and connect with myself. After meditation I check emails, looking out my apartment window at the city of Cleveland, drinking my green tea and MCT oil. I don’t usually eat when I wake up because I practice intermittent fasting…

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