YouTube foodies serving up tasty cooking videos

Vacations are a great time to sample new restaurants, savor the flavors of summer and find new recipes to try out at home using some of the season’s fresh ingredients. I spent most of my vacation last week at the beach and hanging out with friends and family, but I also checked in on some of my favorite YouTube food vloggers to find some new ideas and inspiration.

If you’re not familiar with the world of food vloggers on YouTube, it’s like watching shorter cooking show segments without the commercial interruptions — with the added bonus of an international perspective.

Here’s a sampling of some of the You Tube food channels I’ve been checking out lately:

Pick up Limes

Canadian dietician Sadia Badiei offers fresh and easy ideas on her plant-based channel, Pick up Limes. Smoothie bowls, bento box lunches and dinners that can be made ahead for easy weeknight planning are featured on Pick up Limes. There’s also a website, where fans can download her meal plans and recipes for free. Check out her recipe for homemade vegan Nutella and chia seed jam.

Clean and Delicious

The emphasis is also on healthy and family friendly in this You Tube channel. Dani…

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