10 Healthy and Delicious Baby Food Brands

The days of bottle-feeding are winding down, and you’re ready to introduce your baby to solid foods. Your little one is about to open up her palate and feast on a Top Chef-worthy menu (well, kind of). Moving from a liquid-only diet to foods with a little more substance isn’t always easy. Everything is new, different, and — let’s face it — kind of weird. You might *love* the taste of an avocado, but your baby has never experienced anything that’s so, well, mushy. The good news: There are so many baby food options, including purees, mashes, and portable squeeze pouches, available. Before you buy out the baby food aisle, trying to determine which product your little one will love most, check out these healthy options that are nutritious and delicious.

1. Yumi: Everything else is delivered right to your door, so why not your baby’s food too? Yumi was founded by awesome mom (and former investment banker) Angela Sutherland and her business partner, journalist Evelyn Rusli. After learning about the importance of nutrition in baby’s first 1,000 days, Sutherland went on the search for a healthier baby food option. She didn’t find one, so she created her own, and eventually founded a whole company that is devoted to feeding babies healthy, organic, locally sourced foods. Selections such as blueberry chia seed pudding and rosewater overnight oats are made fresh and delivered to you — that is, if you live on the West Coast. Don’t worry, mid-Westerners and East Coasters, Yumi is set to expand (hopefully soon)!

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2. Pure Growth Organic: With products that are all certified USDA organic, kosher, and made with no artificial flavors or preservatives, it’s obvious where this company got its name. Launched in 2016 by Sabrina Peterson and Chris Clarke, Pure Growth organic’s line has grown to include oatmeal and an array of kid-friendly snacks (popcorn, veggie chips, snack mix, super chips, animal crackers, biscuits, biscuit bites, and breakfast bars). So, you say your kiddo is all about her favorite animated characters? Well, this organic snack line sports packaging that features Mickey Mouse, Paw Patrol, and the Lion King.

3. Nourish Baby: When nutritionist Marissa Lippert and health-supportive chef (and alumni of the Natural Gourmet institute) Lizzy Rizzuto teamed up to create a healthy baby food subscription service, Nourish Baby was born. Their healthy meals are prepared from fresh foods that are sourced by local New York purveyors. You tell Nourish Baby what age and stage your little one is in, pick a one, three, or six-month subscription, and…

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