25 Most Popular Baby Names (So Far) Of 2017

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Not all popular baby name lists are created equal, but we’re definitely name-checking this one from Google.

Nobody said prepping for baby is easy—the dietary restrictions (miss you, wine), the nursery decorating and did we mention the amount of gear that one tiny human needs? It’s mind boggling. Perhaps trickiest task of all: choosing the perfect baby name. The name that will shape how baby sees himself or herself—as well as how others will come to view your child. Sure, no pressure.

If you have no idea where to begin, we have something that might help: a list of the most popular baby names of 2017 (per Google) so far. Even if none of the names on this list appeal to you—though we’re guessing more than one might—you can at least use it as inspiration board to point you toward the names you do like.

Scroll to see the most popular baby names of 2017. And if you need more help, head over to our directory of baby names for the best in baby boy names, baby girl names and unisex baby names.

The Most Popular Baby Names of 2017

We’re starting at the bottom of the list, with the twenty-fifth most popular baby name of 2017, and working our way up to No. 1. Drumroll…

25. Camden This popular unisex baby name with Scottish origins means “winding valley.” It’s what Kristin Cavallari named her eldest son.

24. Ellery Also a unisex baby name, this English name can be a variation on “Hillary,” a la the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate. (Nasty women, unite.)

23. Oliver The male take on Olivia, Oliver, which means “olive tree,” has jumped nearly 100 points in popularity since 2009.

22. Piper Though Piper first started trending in the late ‘90s, when Charmed (which featured a sister witch by the same name) was on air, it’s gotten a re-boost thanks to the immensely popular Orange Is the New Black, on which Taylor Schilling plays a jailbird named “Piper.”

21. Alexandra Another regal name that has stayed popular for decades. Queen Elizabeth II’s first middle name is Alexandra, while Queen Victoria’s given first name was Alexandrina.

20. Luna Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s little girl—and a beloved Harry Potter character, of course—are named after the Roman goddess of the moon.

19. Henry Fun fact: Prince Harry’s actual name is Henry,…

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