4 Sense-sational Tricks To Get Baby To Sleep

mom putting baby to sleep in crib
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Babies rely on routine to keep them calm, happy and comfortable—three things we all need for some satisfying snooze time. But too often bedtime can feel like chaos when you’re dealing with a fussy or overtired tot who’s fighting sleep. Don’t worry: It’s never too late to pick up some nighttime habits that will help both of you wind down at the end of a long day. The key is creating a consistent evening ritual that baby starts to expect. Start with these four sensory cues that signal slumber-time, then enlist just the right gear from Fisher-Price to make it all happen.

Cue 1: Touch

Nothing calms babies quite like a parent’s touch. Try giving her the spa treatment with a warm bath and a light massage right before bedtime to raise her body temperature and make her feel sleepy. Baby will quickly learn that this relaxation time means it’s almost bedtime. Afterward, put on her pajamas and get ready for some serious snuggling.

Cue 2: Light

As soon as it’s time to hit the nursery, dim the lights. This is super important if baby is experiencing day/night confusion. Newborns can’t tell time, bright light during the day and darkness at night are what get their internal clocks on the right track. Keep the lights low from bedtime until morning, especially during late-night feedings or changes, because suddenly…

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