4 Things I Know to Be True From Having a Coparent Who Works From Home

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With more and more companies understanding the importance of flexible schedules and working from home, it’s becoming commonplace for families and careers to coexist under one roof. Besides being beneficial to the business, allowing remote work can also be good for maintaining a positive work/life balance.

For the past four years, my husband’s work has been entirely remote. For the first couple of years, he was by himself. I left for work hours before he would start his day, and other than minor interruptions from the cat, he worked alone.

Ever since our son was born, his work experience has shifted. As a family, we’ve decided that I would be a SAHM, which has meant that his once-quiet 1,500-square-foot home and workspace has been inundated by all the commotion that a baby brings. Having lived with this arrangement for a couple of years now, I’m confident that it can be an amazing experience, assuming some concessions are met.

  1. The working spouse needs an office. With a door. That locks. My workspace is a nook off the kitchen, and though it’s lovely and sunny, it would never work for my husband’s primary office space. Occasionally he works there, but only when there is the guarantee that I’ve taken our toddler to a totally different place. More often than not, he’s situated in a corner of our basement. Although that sounds like he’s my secret gremlin I have stored away, it’s the best solution for our small house. By being as removed as possible, it allows our toddler some distance between him and his favorite person, otherwise my husband would get nothing done.
  2. Noise will still be an issue. If I had one of those toddlers who quietly played with blocks, read his books, and meditated on his pint-size yoga mat, noise wouldn’t be an issue. I instead have one of those loud, thumping, occasionally screaming, and couch-jumping toddlers . . . the kind…

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