5 Things You Shouldn’t Expect From Your Two-Year-Old Because, Well, They’re Two

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Kids act according to specific development stages. Some of the things we struggle with are actually normal behavior for children. At age two, kids are just learning to connect to their world but still haven’t grasped many concepts adults take for granted. Here are some of the things we need to stop expecting of two-year olds.

1 | Stop expecting your two-year-old to share

Sharing does not come naturally to kids. According to a recent study, although kids can learn the basics of sharing from age three, it is only from around age seven that they fully understand the concept of sharing. Even at age three, the concept of ownership is hard for kids to grasp. They don’t understand that what they own is theirs, and that they will eventually get back what belongs to them when they share.

What you can do instead

Rather than force your kids to share, let them see you sharing stuff. Share books with your partner, share cookies with the kids, teach your child about sharing by being a model.

2 | Stop expecting your two-year-old to stop throwing temper tantrums

The reason why temper tantrums are common at age two is because young children don’t have the words to express themselves yet. Young children are often unable to differentiate between different strong emotions and therefore react to them in the only way they know how, i.e., by acting out and throwing tantrums.

What you can do instead

One of the worst things you can do when dealing with tantrums is to fail to be consistent. The second is to give in. When we give in, we teach our kids that tantrums will get them what they want.

Tantrums, however, can also point to your child’s inability to verbalize emotions so it’s important to know when to ignore them (unless if your child risks putting herself or others in danger) and when to hold your child close to show her she’s safe. Remember that it is also at around this age that your kid will start experimenting…

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