7 Month Old Baby

7 Month Old Baby highchair
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Your baby is 7 months old!

As baby’s prepping herself for crawling, you’ve got to get your home ready. We know you probably baby-proofed when baby first came home, but having a crawler changes everything. Get down on your hands and knees to see what hazards are around that you’ll need to guard against. That includes anything baby could tumble over, bump into, climb, cut or pinch herself on, or get tangled in. Also, make sure anything that could fall onto your child (a dresser, a bookshelf, the TV) is securely strapped into place, and be cautious to keep all choking hazards out of her reach—that includes looking for small things that easily drop on the floor unnoticed, like coins.

7-Month-Old Development

In the last three months, baby’s probably grown about 2 inches and her head circumference may have grown about an inch. She’s still developing her senses and skills that will lead to more independence.

7-Month-Old Baby Weight & Length
Many parents find themselves wondering How much does a 7-month-old weigh? Or How much should a 7-month-old weigh?

Average weight of a 7-month old is 16.8 pounds for girls and 18.3 pounds for boys. Average length is 26.5 inches for girls and 27.2 inches for boys, according to the World Health Organization.

But don’t get too caught up with the “normal” weight of a 7-month-old baby. Height and weight can vary widely between healthy babies, so as long as your baby is growing at a healthy rate—on a steady upward curve on the chart at the doctor’s office—and the pediatrician doesn’t see any signs of a problem, your baby’s growth is right on track.

Five Senses

  • Baby’s distance vision is improving. And she can see everything in full color now.
  • Her hearing is almost fully developed too. When you speak, she probably knows where you are just from the sound of your voice.
  • She’s been listening to your voice and may try to copy the pattern and tones of your voice when she babbles. So chatty!

7-Month-Old Milestones
What should a 7-month-old be doing? Remember, all babies develop at their own rate, but this is a peek at what might be happening with your baby this month.

Baby might be able to sit up by herself without any help! Though she might have to keep her hands on the floor to stay upright. Over the next couple months, she’ll keep developing this skill.

She’s starting to work on fine-tuning her grasp. Now, baby probably picks things up with her whole hand, but she’ll soon start working on the “pincer grasp,” where she’ll pick things up with her pointer finger and thumb.

She bears weight on her legs when you hold her upright. She babbles and imitates sounds. She knows what things to do to attract your attention (and isn’t it adorable?).

Is My 7-Month-Old Healthy?
Click through for answers to some of 7-month-olds’ parents’ biggest health questions.

7-Month-Old Baby Food

At seven months, baby is eating some solid foods but her main source of nutrition is still breast milk or formula.

How much should a 7-month-old eat? How often should a 7-month-old eat?
Bottle feeding: How much formula for a 7-month-old baby? A seven-month-old should be drinking about six to eight…

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