7 Tips For Teaching Your Child How to Ride a Bicycle

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Learning how to ride a bike is a rite of passage for every child. However, it can be a dangerous hobby if they’re not taught properly or don’t feel fully comfortable with their skills before they head out to ride around with friends on a sunny day. To ensure they’re ready before you send them on their helmet-clad way, scroll through for seven tips for teaching a child to ride a bike with as few spills and scrapes as possible.

  1. Make sure their bike and helmet fit them. Don’t buy a bike for your child to “grow into.” A bike that is too big or heavy will make teaching them how to ride much more difficult. Their bike helmet should sit in the middle of their forehead, about an inch above their eyebrows. Adjust the fit until the helmet moves around no more than an inch side to side and back and forth — if you can’t adjust it tight enough, the helmet’s too big.
  2. Don’t just “loosen” the training wheels — take them off. It’s like ripping off a band-aid. When you loosen the training wheels, which tips the bike back and forth as your child rides, you’re actually doing your kid a disservice. They’ll be nervous every time the bike wobbles, and they’ll get used to riding while leaning to one side, instead of straight and balanced in the middle.
  3. Master balancing on the grass. Practice “coasting” on a grassy hill to…

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