8 Ways to Ditch Stress During Pregnancy

Here you though life was stressful enough, and then that little plus sign popped up in the window of your pregnancy test. Whoa! You’re a growing ball of anxiety, and you really need to calm down — right now. It’s okay: You’ve totally got this whole mama thing. Let it go. Just feel the calm wash over you and kick that anxiety out. Yeah, that’s easier said than done. Time to check out these simple suggestions for de-stressing during pregnancy.

A pregnant woman shops in a store
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1. Take a baby-cation. Get out of here… literally. Leave town, and leave all those stressors behind. Pick your favorite type of place (beach, woods, city) and book a long weekend away. Oh, and there’s absolutely no rule saying this has to be a “babymoon” with your S.O. Why not take your baby-cation with your BFFs for a girls-only weekend getaway? Turn off your cell, forget about answering work emails, and book a massage.

2. Make a day of beautification. In less than nine months, your idea of a “beauty routine” will most likely include putting your half-brushed hair into an unintentionally messy bun, smoothing your super-dry hands with the baby’s lotion, and wiping the spit-up off your cheek: in other words, the opposite of a fancy salon experience. Give yourself a one-day break and beat the stress by getting beautified. Sit back, relax, and let the pros take care of your skin, hair, and nails.

3. Shop — for yourself. You’ve spent countless hours shopping for your soon-to-be baby. The sheer number of onesies you’ve already bought astonishes you. Between the gear, the gadgets, the outfits, and everything else, you’re kind of sick of shopping. What?!…

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