A New Report Ranked the Best and Worst States to Raise a New Child

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A recent report released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, a Baltimore based nonprofit aimed at improving the circumstances of children across the country, has ranked the best and worst states to raise a child. The study, called Kids Count, came to their conclusion by measuring data in categories like economic security, the availability of good educational resources, overall health, and family and communal relations. Each of the categories was then broken down further using “measures” like substance abuse and poverty. They concluded that, of the 50 states, New Hampshire takes the top spot and New Mexico ranks the lowest.

“Our measures are not just about the well-being of children in the moment of childhood but also measures that the research shows are connected to success in adulthood,” said Laura Speer, co-director of the report told CNN. “We wanted to capture, as much as we could, the range of factors that impact a child’s life — not just what happens in school, not just what’s happening in the economy — all of these things have an impact on children’s lives.”

The top 10 states:

1) New Hampshire

2) Massachusetts

3) New Jersey

4) Minnesota

5) Iowa

6) Utah

7) Connecticut

8) Vermont

9) Nebraska

10) Virginia


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