Are You the Fun One? What Your Sign Says About You as an Uncle

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Everyone wants to be the fun uncle (or aunt) in the family. In addition to being the one all your nieces and nephews run to first, you want to make all the funny jokes, take them to the best movies, and always let them sneak some candy when their parents aren’t looking. But did you know that how you are as an uncle is a direct result of your own birthday? Yep, our personalities are hugely connected to our signs. To see if you’re more laid-back, playful, or creative, keep reading to see uncles according to each sign (and don’t worry, they’re all pretty cool).

  1. Capricorn — This may not be the most playful sign, so don’t expect this uncle to sit down for tea parties or pretend to ride on a magical carpet, but when it comes to making the most of experiences, the Capricorn uncle is where it is at. This sign is loyal and constant, favoring real events that work towards a goal. This uncle will take kids to museums and ball games, help build a playhouse, and will even help with homework.
  2. Aquarius — This sign may be a bit of a party animal, but as an uncle, you’ll appreciate their independent ways. Encouraging children to think creatively, this uncle definitely colors outside the lines. Even though you might night see him too often, when he’s there, children will adore playing with their fun uncle.
  3. Pisces — Don’t let the quietness of the Pisces uncle fool you — he is taking it all in and appreciating every moment! While he might not outwardly express everything, it’s important to remember to include him in things, because he’ll be the one the kids turn to when they want a serious conversation.
  4. Aries — This strong sign likes confrontation and being the center of attention,…

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