Baby With Down Syndrome Can’t Get Heart Surgery After Hurricane So Doctor 2,000 Miles Away Helps

Soreyl Mirailh was born with a hole in her heart. At just a few months old, she needed heart surgery as soon as possible. Thankfully, her parents were able to schedule it — until hurricanes hit.

The infant, who also has Down syndrome, was supposed to have heart surgery in Puerto Rico, where she lived, WGNTV Chicago reports. But then Hurricanes Irma and Maria hit, practically destroying the island and knocking out electricity at the hospital. Left with no choice, doctors had to postpone Soreyl’s surgery indefinitely.

But Soreyl’s parents didn’t want to wait around. Instead, they fled their hurricane-ravaged home and headed for Chicago, where Soreyl’s dad had a sister, ABC 7 Chicago reports. It was…

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