Connecting to the Mommy Community

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  • Joining online parenting groups allows for you to find parents from all over with similar methods, problems, and even advice. These connections could help give you feel reassured in your methods and can give you some social interaction on the days you just can’t get out of the house.

2. Social Clubs for Moms

  • Real life support groups for new parents can drastically help an overwhelmed mom. Social groups may gather and share information on schools, playgrounds, kid-friendly establishments and more. A new parent could gain a lot of helpful and local tips from joining such groups.

3. Local Storytime

  • Check your local library and schools to see where you might be able to find a local storytime. These are a great activity for kids and parents. Kids are able to listen to stories and maybe even make some new friends. Parents can hang back a bit and chat with each other. This could easily spike new connections and friendships for both mom and baby.

4. Playgrounds

  • Playgrounds may seem like a great play to let your kid run loose and for you to take a break and catch up on social media and emails, but no- put your phone down. Put the phone down and socialize a bit with the other parents at the park. Chances are these parents are local and you might be able to set up a future playdate.

5. Mommy and Me Classes

  • Don’t be afraid to take your little one to a class with you. Mommy and me classes let baby and mom both have fun and do something a bit different. Since of the class structure there will be tons of other moms and babies so you can easily grow your parenting connections in this type of environment.

While looking to expand your circle now that you’re a new parent make sure you’re opening to trying new experiences and working a bit to create connections for both you and your baby.

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