Fixing Up Your Resume After Maternity Leave

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Taking a maternity leave can turn into something bigger than expected. You may have intended to take your 12 weeks unpaid and that may have turned into 12 years. While we all know that being a mom and raising a child is a full time job this resume gap can keep employers guessing if it is not addressed in a straight forward manner.

This is why ‘The Pregnancy Pause,’ as mentioned on The Bump, has come about and is helping moms get back in the workforce. The Pregnancy Pause allows moms to put their information on resumes and will act as a reference for moms. The agency will vouch that being a full-time mom for a period of time should not mean a woman is overlooked for a position. Women are allowed to set The Pregnancy Pause as their employer on LinkedIn and will also give women a number to put on their resumes for employers to contact.

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