How I Stopped Being Jealous of My Son’s Relationship With His Dad

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Of the tiny creatures who live in our home, the only one who prefers me is Scout, our large and lazy tuxedo cat. Both my son and our other cat make no effort in hiding the fact that my husband, also known as Dad, Dada, or “human who pets me,” is the overwhelming favorite. Putting the cat’s love aside, what has really frustrated me is that despite having given birth to the kid, it feels like my son loves his dad more.

It’s with a twinge of irony that the person who has gone through all the pain of childbirth, and the one whose stomach has more stretch marks than I’d care to admit, is second fiddle to the parent who didn’t have to wear a mumu for nine months.

From the beginning, my son has preferred to be in the company of his Dada. I’m not saying that I’m not loved and adored, because I know that my son enjoys being with me too. However, for every little action, event, trial, and tribulation, he would rather have his dad there. If it’s a boo-boo that needs kissing and both of us are in the room, he’ll practically leap out of my arms to go to his dad. From reading bedtime stories to riding on swings, to my son, Dada is king. I can’t even tickle him…

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