How To Use ‘Dad Voice’ To Command Respect From Kids

Deeper voices exude confidence, and we listen to them—whether they’re telling us to vote for them this November or to clean up our rooms.

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There’s something to the quiet confidence behind a rumbling “dad voice.” Studies have shown that low-pitched voices are considered more attractive and physically stronger. Sure, it’s unfair to men who weren’t blessed with James Earl Jones’ timbre (and even more unfair to women) but, to a certain degree, we seem to be wired to show respect when dad commands us to eat our veggies.

Why should voice pitch make a difference?

Most research on the power of pitch has focused on whether candidates with deeper voices are more likely to win elections. Analyses of every presidential debate between 1960 and 2000 revealed that the candidate with the deeper voice invariably won a higher percentage of the popular vote. One 2012 study found that Republicans are more biased against high-pitched candidates than Democrats and that men are more likely to accept a woman in a leadership role if she has a lower-pitched voice (although they consider women with high-pitched voices more attractive).

One fascinating 2015 study asked 800 men and women to listen to different speakers repeat the line “I urge you to vote for me this November”, and then choose a candidate based on voice alone. The frequency…

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