Major Study Says Placenta Consumption Might Not Be Harmful After All

new mom at hospital after giving birth the newborn
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The debate rages on. Should you or shouldn’t you follow in the steps of the Kardashians and consider eating your placenta? Last year, the CDC officially warned new mothers not to do so, citing an incident of a newborn who contracted a group B streptococcus infection—twice—from his mom, who was taking postpartum placenta pills. But some people took issue with the fact this recommendation was based on a single case report. So the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Oregon State University teamed up to undertake the largest study on placenta consumption yet.

“Our findings were surprising given the recent guidelines recommending against placenta consumption,” says lead author Daniel Benyshek, a professor of anthropology at University of Nevada, Las Vegas. “These new findings give us little reason to caution against human maternal placentophagy out of fear of health risks to the baby.”

To reach their conclusion, researchers reviewed about 23,000…

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