Mom’s Photography Project Is Normalizing Breastfeeding in the Most Stunning Way

Extended Breastfeeding Photo Series
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Image Source: Natalie McCain

In 2015, photographer Natalie McCain made the rounds on the internet with her Honest Body Project, which showcased what moms’ postpartum bodies look like. Although that photo series shed light on important aspects of positive body image, her latest project, Breastfeeding Our Toddlers: A Full Term Nursing Series, is covering an even hotter topic in the mom world: normalizing breastfeeding.

The series, which features moms and their children over 2 who still breastfeed, isn’t McCain’s first featuring nursing moms. “One of my first series was on this subject, and it still is the most popular series I have, getting many, many views each day!” she told POPSUGAR. “I decided to create a new series on extended nursing so that I could help normalize…

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