Tips for Creating a Mural for Your Nursery

This article by Brit + Co gives some wonderful guidelines for decorating your baby’s new room.  Here is a quick summary, with a few tips of our own!

Whether you’re into trendy nursery decor themes, kind of traditional, or loving a cutesy kiddo look, you can create a room that’s fabulously fit for your little prince or princess. Check out everything you need to know to add a beautiful mural to your baby’s room.

1. Be Realistic. The best idea may not fit the size of your nursery: Just because you saw the best mural ever in some magazine or on a home DIY show doesn’t for sure mean it will fit in your baby’s room.  Be realistic and make sure that  the concept doesn’t get cut up or divided into strange dimensions because your nursery isn’t big enough for the concept. (Brit + Co)

3. Two or Three Creative Combos Could Work! There’s no rule saying that you can’t combine two, three, or even more murals into one mega version. (Brit + Co)

At FavoredBy, we think it’s important to make sure the styles mix well together however.  If you aren’t sure, ask a friend that has experience for a second opinion.

4. Decals are today’s best helpers: Hiring an actual artist isn’t always in the budget.  You can still get whimsical wall art into your little one’s new room. Decals and stickers are easy options for those of us lacking that artistic gene.

The FavoredBy team highly recommends visiting for an amazing collection of decals at great prices.  Some even customize the decals with your child’s name (if you already have it picked out).

5.  Interior Decorators don’t have to be a fortune.  Need a second opinion but don’t think you can afford a $200+ per hour interior decorator?  Try online interior design services like these that provide advice, some start at $75 per hour!

We think this is super creative, and very different!

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