‘Portrait Session’ Is A Drawing Game That Keeps Kids In Stitches

The worse you draw, the better.

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Portrait Session is an impromptu drawing game where everyone in the room sits for a hastily drawn “portrait” on a whiteboard or scratch paper. It is art at its most frenetic and hilarious, especially if the grownups — and kids — are less-than-stellar artists. The activity will heighten your child’s interest in art, get them drawing on the regular, and most importantly, let everyone have a good laugh at the inadvertently Cubist drawing of mom that dad just made.

Prep Time: Just enough to find markers that actually work
Entertainment Time: 10-20 minutes
Energy Expended by Child: Moderate

What You Need:

  • A whiteboard and dry-erase markers, or an easel with poster paper and markers/crayons
  • A few people (kids, parents, friends, the family pet) to stand in as “models”

How to Play:
Start by determining who is going to draw first, and who will stand as their subject. You’ll want to tilt the easel out of the line-of-sight of the person being sketched, as half the fun is seeing what the final portrait looks like. It’s often best if a parent draws first ⏤ that way they can set the tone, crack jokes, and make the game lighthearted.

I make a big production of telling my subject how and where to sit, though naturally, you’ll want them to be comfortable. To make things more fun, I often have…

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