Big Data Junkies! See How One Dad Tracked His Son’s First 100 Words

baby in striped shirt surrounded by alphabet blocks

At almost 8 months, “uh-oh” was this baby’s first word. Two months later, “dada” followed. Around his first birthday, “Momma” came.

Within the following months, “cheese,” “Yahtzee,” “potty,” and “elbow,” to name a few, would also make their way into this baby’s word bank.

How do we know all of this? Let’s just say that one “dada” was good with tracking data.

Ohio dad Jon Jivan created a line-graph chart to record his son, Elliot’s first words. Earlier this month, he posted it to Reddit in the dataisbeautiful subreddit. It stirred up an even bigger conversation about what does and doesn’t count as baby vocabulary, sending the post to the front page.

speech graph

“All words recorded were said in context (not simply a parroting of sounds) and had to be witnessed by both myself and my…

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