The Big Reason Why I’m Glad My Parents Raised Me Vegetarian

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Is it wrong to want to raise my children vegetarian like myself, then let them decide when they are old to know choice if they want to eat meat?

No, it’s not wrong to raise your child vegetarian. It’s not always easy on the kid, but that can be a good thing. I was raised a vegetarian, and have been a vegetarian my whole life.

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The best thing about being raised a vegetarian, is that it taught me from a young age to withstand peer pressure. By the time I got to high school and college, it was easy for me to say no to drugs and alcohol. I had no problem being the only one not drinking — because I’ve been used to it my whole life.

Also, if I chose to diet, and take it seriously, it’s easy for me to cut out specific foods. And once I cut something out, I don’t cheat. My willpower and ability to withstand peer pressure are high, and I attribute that to years and years of practice as a child.

When I was growing up, it was hard being a vegetarian – but being a kid is hard, especially when you are doing something different from the other kids. The bigger problems were usually with the Parents…

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