The Reason This Mom Won’t Let Her 16-Year-Old Son With Down Syndrome Drive Will Break Your Heart

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Alethea Mshar, a mom of three, recently had a gut-wrenching conversation with her 15-year-old son, Alex, after getting his birthday list. In an emotional Facebook post, she said that like most teens, Alex was pining for a car for his 16th birthday, but there was one problem: people with Down syndrome typically can’t drive.

“I asked Alex for a birthday list for his upcoming 16th birthday. My boy wants a car,” she wrote. “He knows people can drive when they turn 16, he knows his sister can drive and he wants to, too.”

Although Alethea has gently told Alex that a learner’s permit isn’t likely in his future, she still feels guilty he’ll never get to experience the long-awaited teenage ritual of the driver’s test.

“On a certain level he gets that it won’t happen,” she said. “We’ve had this conversation many times over the years. He understands that he has Down…

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