The Surprising Fashion Choice Motherhood Inspired Me to Make

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Before kids, it’s a fair statement to say that I was clothing obsessed. I shopped a lot (a whole lot), spent the majority of my disposable income on clothes, and prided myself on being well dressed. For a while, I even wrote about fashion for a city magazine. It was kind of my thing. But becoming a mom changed pretty much everything in my life, including my sartorial passion, for many reasons.

First were the practical ones. I breastfed both of my kids for a year, and easy access became a priority over stylishness when it came to shopping. I started working from home, meaning I was no longer spending my days at an office full of chic women and most evenings at stylish events. My need for a closet full of dresses was gone, a lucky thing since my budget for those dresses was now being spent on diapers. Also, I had a hard time losing the last 10 pounds of baby weight, and it wasn’t nearly as much fun to shop for clothes in sizes that I’d never had to wear before. My body didn’t feel like mine; I felt completely disconnected from my new lumps, bumps, and stretch marks. Surprisingly, that fact inspired me to do something I had rarely done in the previous 15 years: I started wearing shorts.

Donning a pair of shorts probably isn’t exactly revolutionary for most people, but for me, a woman who had always dressed my pear-shaped, athletic body in dresses, stretchy jeans, and flowy, linen pants during the warmer…

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