This Clever Dinner Table Football Game Tests Kid’s Creative Thinking — and Keeps Their Attention

The perfect game to try when you’re waiting for that order of chicken fingers to arrive.

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An adult friend once teased me with a coin-drop trick. He would drop the coin out of his hand and easily catch it before it hit the ground. When I tried, I could never grab the coin in time. At first, I felt like my reflexes were terrible, but then my friend took pity on me and showed me it was all about how he dropped the coin.

‘The Field Goal Slide’ has nothing to do with that coin-drop trick, but similarly, it’s a mind puzzle that’s all about execution — and it really comes in handy when you’re sitting in a booth at a restaurant and trying to entertain your kids. You position four butter knives on a table in the shape of football goal post and try to move the knives in such a way that the upright is recreated, but the salt shaker is now outside the posts ⏤ and the attempted field goal is no good! The catch: You can only move two knives. It’s simple to set up, requires few props, and teaches creativity while acclimating kids to trial and error and geometry.

Prep Time: Less than one minute
Entertainment Time: 10 minutes
Energy Expended by Child: Minimal physical, moderate mental

What You Need:

  • Four butter knives, chopsticks, or anything else skinny and…

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