This New ‘Smart’ Nightstand Has a Built-In Fridge, Is a Parent’s Dream

This thing so smart it might as well be a member of MENSA.

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A ‘smart’ coffee table with a built-in refrigerator. That was the idea behind the Sobro. It debuted last year on Indiegogo, raised $1.6 million, and quickly took the Internet by storm. Everybody it seemed, thought the idea of not getting up for a drink while watching TV was one for the ages. Rather than simply kick back with an ice-cold beverage from one of its own tables, however, the company behind the Sobro got to work expanding the product line. Behold, the latest piece of gloriously refrigerated furniture: the Sobro Smart Side Table.

Already fully funded on Indiegogo, the SSST from StoreBound (the same folks who brought you that pancake making robot) is a similarly mod-styled companion piece designed primarily as a nightstand, although it works as an end table too. As a nightstand, however, it’s incredibly parent friendly ⏤ especially if there’s a baby still sleeping in the room that needs to eat in the middle of the…

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