This Pint-Sized Camper Is Ready For Your Family’s Summer Road Trip

vistabule teardrop trailer

Despite the blizzard that just defecated snow on half the country, spring is almost here. (Promise.) And so is camping season, where you get the joy of showing your kids the great outdoors while they get the joy of complaining about sleeping on the ground. Unless, that is, you pile the family into a teardrop trailer designed to, well, keep their tears from dropping. Like this sleek beauty from Vistabule.

vistabule teadrop trailer

Admittedly, the interior of the Vistabule isn’t huge; it’s only as big as the queen-sized bed inside. So while it sleeps 2-4 people, it’s obviously better if 2 of those 4 are not big. That said, thanks to a large front vista window (with a pleated privacy shade), extra-wide doors, and a bed that converts into a couch, the trailer feels much larger than it seems.

It’s also equipped…

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