This Pregnant Professional Runner Is A Real-Life Wonder Woman

Alysia Montano racing while pregnant in a Wonder Woman top
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At 5 months pregnant, Alysia Montano wasn’t trying to win the 800-meter race at the USATF Outdoor Championships on Friday. In fact, she wasn’t even planning on participating. But feeling inspired by none other than the new Wonder Woman film, she decided to sign up. And it’s the second time she’s tackled this very race while pregnant.

The professional runner first made national headlines for racing the 2014 Outdoor Championships while 8 months pregnant—her Twitter bio refers to herself as “that pregnant runner.” If this makes you feel lazy, don’t worry; Montano’s not trying to send a message about vigorously exercising while pregnant.

“This isn’t to pressure women to run during pregnancy. That’s not the…

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