Top Mom-Friends To Keep By Your Side

Two Women Friends Drinking Red Wine Together
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Women need their girlfriends, especially through motherhood. It’s important to have other moms to help you through all the ups and downs and everything in between. As previously mentioned on Parent Co. here are the 6 types of moms to keep by your side!

The Moral Compass Mom

Who is she? She’s the mom who helps you see the bigger picture in the worst situations. She can help reassure you that things could be worse and helps keep your mind clear. She’s definitely a mom to have by your side if you tend to stress easily.

The Lying Mom

This may be everyone’s favorite mom friend. She’s the type of friend who says ‘everything’s going to be okay,’ even if that’s not actually the case. She tells you exactly what you need to hear and sometimes that’s all we need to get by.

The Empathetic Mom

Sometimes you just need to cry it out, and that’s okay because this mom will be there for you with tissues in hand. She’s always around to listen to your problems and comfort you as best she can. Definitely, keep her around!

The Smart Mom

A know-it-all mom can be annoying, but a smart mom can be helpful! It’s important to have a mom friend that knows a little bit more than you and can guide you through due to her past experience. She’ll help you even more than you might think.

The Funny Mom

We all need a good laugh sometimes and that’s exactly what this mom will do with you. This mom will crack jokes and keep you smiling and laughing through all the silly moments of motherhood. She is essential for your sanity.

The Travel Buddy Mom

Even moms need to get out of town every once in a while. This mom will remind you of that. She’ll go with you on quick spontaneous trips when absolutely necessary and make sure you’re able to let loose just a bit.

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