Top Unusual Mothers’ Day Gifts

Mothers’ Day gifts always make us smile and it’s so nice that moms are able to be properly recognized for one day a year. Sometimes gifts are spot on and then other times, as mentioned on The Bump, gifts are a little bit “off.” See these top unusual Mothers’ Day gifts that we saw this year.

Tim Horton’s Doughnut Bouquets

Yes, moms love bouquets but they also love doughnuts. Everyone needs a sweet treat, especially on holidays. What’s your favorite doughnut that would absolutely complete this bouquet for you?

Pornhub’s Virtual Reality Glasses

This option is a bit more unconventional. How would you react if this were your Mothers’ Day gift? Maybe you’d be a little confused about why you were receiving this or maybe you’d be a bit more excited than you’d like to admit.

KFC’s Romance Novel and Chocolates

Believe it or not, KFC has released their own romance novel and it comes paired with a fill-up bucket of crispy chicken. On top of that, in New Zealand, KFC features artisanal chocolates. Is this something you’d be excited about? Or does the idea of KFC and chocolate seem a bit weird?

A Mothers’ Day Card That Cries Instead Of Sings

Here’s a card for the mom who just got out of the “terrible twos” and missing hearing all the crying. This card feature long and loud cries to remind mom of how it used to be. This is definitely an unusual choice!

Underwear Wrapped Up As A Carnation

Maybe as a mom, some new underwear may seem like a win, but what if those undies came wrapped up as a carnation? What could be a better mix than flowers and something you could actually use on an everyday basis?

Adidas Mothers’ Day Themed Cleats

Some athletic moms might actually love this idea, but how would you feel about getting this pink pair of cleats? Would you actually use these or are you too busy running around in your everyday shoes?

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