What to Do If You Accidentally Run a Disposable Diaper Through the Washing Machine

Not all is lost.

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My two-year-old daughter was trying to be helpful, I’ll give her that. Every night before bath, she knows to puts her dirty clothes in the laundry basket, and she’s generally good about remembering ⏤ or, at least, doing so when reminded. What she didn’t notice on this particular evening, however ⏤ and what we failed to catch a few nights later when loading the washer ⏤ was that she accidentally left a disposable pull-up entwined in her pants.

Now as any parent who’s ever forgotten to change a baby’s diaper knows: Diapers don’t hold all the pee in the world. Even the most absorbent ones eventually becomes so saturated that they burst open leaving the baby wearing a sticky mess of gel pellets and crystals made of Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP). According to Pampers spokesperson, Laura Dressman: “The core of the diaper contains an absorbent gelling material that’s used to absorb wetness and help keep your baby dry. The dry particles form a gel as they absorb liquid and can retain up to 30 times their weight in liquid as they lock away the wetness.” It’s all reportedly safe and non-toxic, but it’s not fun to clean up and one quickly learns that the easiest way to avoid doing so is by being a better parent and/or changing your kid’s diaper more frequently.

When said disposable…

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