You’re Better at Creative Problem Solving When Drunk

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Your wife sits across from you at the kitchen table, pondering her calendar. The kids have soccer, you have a late shift, she has pilates. Fortunately, scientist can offer some sage and welcome advice: Keep calm, take a deep breath, pop open a bottle of wine—and drink a bit too much. These are the results of a recent study out of Mississippi State University, which found that people with blood alcohol levels of 0.075 (just shy of legal intoxication) are better at creative problem-solving.

“If you need to think outside the box, a few happy-hour drinks or a martini at lunch could be beneficial,” coauthor on the study Andrew Jarosz of Mississippi State University told The Harvard Business Review. “But I wouldn’t close the bar out, because if you get your blood alcohol level too much beyond 0.08, you probably won’t be very useful.”

For the study, Jarosz and colleagues…

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