18 Kids Who Wrote The Cutest Letters To Santa

Funny letters to santa
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Penning a letter to old Saint Nick is a childhood rite of passage—and sharing those amazing words on social media is an equally important ritual for parents. The nostalgia! The earnestness! The hilarity! We simply can’t get enough. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the cutest letters children have written to Santa, so you can get in on the fun. Consider it our holiday gift to you.


You gotta love kids with ambition—after all, we keep telling them can be anything they want. Here’s hoping these two nail their interview.

Holiday Exchange Policy

Dang, kids. Who do you think makes sure Santa gets you that must-have Hatchimal?

Santa’s Little Helpers

Evidence that giving your kids chores really does pay off. Heart. Warmed.

Animal Lover

If you want to get on Saint Nick’s Nice List, always, always remember the reindeer.

Drive-Through Wish List

Best guess: This little one was dreaming of dinner when this letter was penned. (Also, sandwiching a big-ticket item in there is a total pro move. Hats off, kid.)

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