5 things I bumped into with my baby bump (including my kids)

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I was not one of those people you barely realize is pregnant before they have their baby. I gained 1/3 of my body weight and most of it was straight in the belly. I continually got asked why I hadn’t had my baby when I was obviously 13 months pregnant. I had a babyyyyyy bump. And, since it was a temporary extremity, I was continually hitting things with it. Below, in no particular order, are several things I knocked over with my pregnant belly.

1.) Our china.

Every time I rounded the corner in our house, I hit the china cabinet with my belly. Every. Time. You’d think I’d learn, or that I would at least pack up the china, but I did not until after I sent a teacup and a few other things crashing to the ground.

2.) My toddler.

Yep. Several times, I turned around and whapped him on the side of the head with my baby bump. Fortunately, at that point, he was still wearing Pull-Ups and had some padding when he landed on his rear.

3.) The tchotchkes of my inlaws.

My inlaws own…

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