9 Things Every Basic Pregnant Woman Does At Night

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Ashley Batz/Romper

I’ve always had a basic bedtime routine: brush my teeth, put on pajamas, moisturize, comb through the mountain of reading material stacked on my nightstand, fall asleep. Even after I got married the routine didn’t change much. But when it came to the things I did as a pregnant woman at night, well, that was an entirely different situation. I didn’t realize it at the time, but in hindsight, I see the nighttime rituals in the months right before my first child’s birth marking the last period of my kid-free adult life. I probably should have had more dance parties.

During the day, the fact that I was pregnant didn’t change much of my routine. I still had to get up at the same time for work, and do the same kind of work, though I will admit my head and my heat were kind of distracted during meetings. It can be hard to focus when you’re looking a few months down the road, trying to picture life with a baby where there has been none.

At night, though, away from the demands of work and somewhat removed from my partner, in as much as he was engrossed in his own nighttime rituals (video games), is when I was really confronted by my pregnancy. Whether it was because I was staring in the mirror while brushing my teeth, or struggling to pull on pajama bottoms that I swore fit yesterday, I grappled with my pregnancy the most late in the day. That’s when my exhaustion peaked, too.

So if you’re wondering what things every basic pregnant woman does at night, here’s how it went for me:


In my third trimester, I could only sleep somewhat comfortably if I was propped up in a sitting position. This required all the pillows. My husband learned to roll up sweatshirts as makeshift supports for his own head. What a sport.

I was hot when I was pregnant, in the temperature sense. It couldn’t be cold enough, so that air conditioner was cranking well into October as I entered my ninth month.

… & The Fan


Just the air conditioner wasn’t enough, though. I had a huge window fan blowing right on us, in addition to the cold air. I’d be kicking blankets off while my husband went hunting for more layers to pile on top of his freezing body.

Complain That It’s…

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