9 Tiny Things That Are Big Deals When You’re Pregnant

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When I was pregnant everything was an occasion. In fact, I’d constantly think things like, “This is the last February I’ll live through before I’m a mom.” Even tiny things were big deals when I was pregnant, like me wondering if someone was holding the door for me because I was a woman, or a pregnant woman.

Pregnancy was definitely a time for introspection. I spent most of those nine months alternating between a fantasizing of our future ideal family (stain-free clothes! No childcare snags!), and being seized by panic that deciding to have kids may have been our worst idea ever. I overthought almost everything. I researched and planned and plotted and did everything in my power to try to become the best mother in the world, ignorant that I was setting myself up to fail. By getting caught in the weeds on all the tiny details of my future baby’s life, I was missing the big picture. The top-rated car seat wasn’t going to make us the happiest version of ourselves. I needed to put my Consumer…

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