A Huge Pregnancy Complication Could Be Avoided Using This Household Item

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Taking an aspirin or two to deal with a headache or muscle pains can be such a relief. For pregnant women, taking small doses could both relieve these tensions and prevent something even more concerning. A new study has found that using aspirin during pregnancy could prevent preeclampsia, a complication that affects between 3 and 5 percent of expectant mother in the United States.

Mothers and doctors a like have long trusted small doses of aspirin to soothe pregnancy aches, and this latest finding — that it could also prevent preeclampsia, a condition involving the presence of protein in the urine and elevated blood pressure during pregnancy — is further proof of its wondrous effects. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Exeter, found that administering a low-dose of aspirin each night before bed during the first trimester led to a 62 percent reduction in pre-term preeclampsia, and a reduction of participants giving birth before 37 weeks of pregnancy.

Preeclampsia is diagnosed around 20 weeks

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