A New Way To Destigmatize C-Sections? Changing What We Call Them

mom's son laying on her belly, with her c-section exposed
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C-sections are life-saving, medically-necessary surgeries for many moms and babies. So why do women sometimes feel so defeated by the procedure? It usually comes down to a sense of being cheated out of the birth experience you thought you’d have, or disappointment with your body for being unable to give birth vaginally. Make no mistake, however: If you’ve had a c-section, you’ve still given birth. And several moms are suggesting we make that crystal clear by referring to c-sections as belly births.

You may have seen the term pop up after Babble’s interview with mom Jordan Grissom last week. After a traumatizing birth experience where her body went into shock after just hearing the phrase “emergency c-section,” she’s speaking out about the importance…

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